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Janík, Pavol
(Pavol Janík)


A Big Clear Out {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Veľké upratovanie [video])
A Dictionary of Foreign Dreams {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Slovník cudzích snov [video])
A Dream from the Glass {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Sen zo skla [video])
An Emergency Landing in Your Hair {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Núdzové pristátie v tvojich vlasoch [video])
An Urgent Poem {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Neodkladná báseň [video])
Astonishment {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Úžas [video])
Bad Habit {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Zlozvyk [video])
Chrysanthematika {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Chryzantematika [video])
Ex Offo {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Ex offo [video])
Family Still Life {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Rodinné zátišie [video])
Family Study {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Rodinná štúdia [video])
from Hurrah, It Burns! {Sutherland-Smith, James} (z Hurá, horí! [video])
Into the Blue {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Do modra [video])
Kosovo {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Kosovo [video])
Mirrors after Nightfall {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Zrkadlá po zotmení [video])
Molto adagio {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Molto adagio [video])
Name {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Meno [video])
New York {Pixiades, Smiljana} (New York [video])
New York {Sutherland-Smith, James} (New York [video])
Night Bus {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Nočný spoj [video])
Nocturne for Diabetes {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Nokturno pre diabetes [video])
Ode to Joy {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Óda na radosť [video])
On the Line Man - Woman and Back {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Na linke muž - žena a späť [video])
Pedestrian with Absolute Right of Way {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Chodec s absolútnou prednosťou [video])
Piano {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Klavír [video])
Prolonging My Understanding {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Predĺžiť si rozum [video])
Someone Like a God {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Niekto ako boh [video])
Summer {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Leto [video])
The Last Four Bars of Silence {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Posledné štyri takty ticha [video])
The Moment before Touch {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Okamih pred dotykom [video])
The Theater of Life {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Divadlo Život [video])
To You {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Tebe [video])
Unsent Telegram {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Neodoslaný telegram [video])
Vivace Ma Non Soltanto Cosi {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Vivace ma non soltanto cosi [video])
Why There Are Wives for Us {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Načo sú nám manželky [video])
Wiser for Your Death {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Múdrejší o tvoju smrť [video])
You Can Tell an Angel from His Feathers {Sutherland-Smith, James} (Anjela poznáš po perí [video])

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